An Afternoon at the Airport, and Then…

Our first task at Narita Airport was to go to the ANA ticket counter and check our bags. The young man behind the counter asked us why we weren’t sitting together. You see, this flight was on a 787-9 and the middle section had 3 seats, so we chose seats 28D and 28G, both outside aisle seats in the middle section of row 28. We explained that we booked it that way in the hope that no one would sit in the seat between us. We also shared with him that we had been successful in this strategy on the previous flight from Los Angeles. He told us that someone was sitting in the seat between us, but said that since there were 22 empty seats on the flight, “I’ll just move him”. As long as no one else chose that seat in the several hours before takeoff time, our wish had been granted. Sure enough, wen we got on the plane, we had an empty seat between us.

An ANA Boeing 787-9
pjs2005 from Hampshire, UK [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]
Narita Airport Terminal 1 ANA International Departure Area

Best Airport Lunch Ever!

Karen seldom eats breakfast; I do. Karen doesn’t eat sushi; I love it. Sometimes when we travel we’ll go to one restaurant while one of us eats lunch, and then go to another restaurant while the other eats lunch. This was Jim’s lunch.

A beautiful sushi bar in Terminal 1 at Narita Airport.

My combination sushi plate. Some of the supply of raw fish is displayed in the glass cabinet behind the counter.

My complete lunch presentation of miso soup, sushi and sake, with the oshibori hot moist towel on the left, used to clean one’s hands before the meal.

The sign at the shop “Kabuki Gate“. Kabuki Gate features a gallery of manikins wearing various Kabuki theater costumes, and a shop selling original goods and select products associated with Kabuki. 

Manikin wearing a large tiara and a red kimono on display at Kabuki Gate, on 3rd floor of Terminal 1 of Narita Airport.

A white Kabuki costume with large sleeves is displayed at Kabuki Gate.

Manikin with big sleeves brandishes a fan in Kabuki Gate Gallery.

The next restaurant was closer to our gate. on their menu was a delicious Japanese Steak Salad, which is one of Karen’s favorites. It was delicious! I know, because she needed help in finishing it. Yummm.

We found a restaurant not far from our departure gate for Karen to have lunch. On their walls are displays of beautiful Japanese blue and white porcelain plates, which stand out against the rustic tan brick walls of the restaurant.

More plates on display.

Next Stop, Singapore!

We left Narita on ANA Flight NH803 at 4:50 pm. The aircraft is a Boeing 787-8. Its route takes it southwest past Taiwan and over the Philippines for 7 hours 35 minutes until it lands at Changi Airport in Singapore around 11:25 pm Singapore time. We were in seats 28D and 28G, with one empty seat between us. The time passed surprisingly easily, the food and service were excellent and there was no turbulence.

Flight Path - March 8, 2029 - NRT-SIN From

Our projected flight path from Tokyo to Singapore. Our actual route took us across the Philippines (passing near Cebu) and parallel to Borneo’s west coast.

Singapore is a small island nation off the southern tip of Malaysia, and across the Singapore Strait from Indonesia. Changi International Airport is located at the eastern tip of the island. The City of Singapore has contiguous borders with the nation, thus it is the only island-city-country in the world. The area which is usually considered the business, cultural and tourist center of Singapore is in the south central part of the island. Singapore is a 1st world country with high personal income and low taxes. Many multi-national firms have business operations there.

Gate Area at Changi International Airport, Singapore

Because we had five pieces of luggage, we had to take a large taxi (7 passenger van) from the airport to our hotel. From the Changi Airport Website, here are the taxi prices as of August 20, 2019:


Taxis are available for hire at the taxi stands in the Arrival areas of each Terminal. A ride to the city takes about 30 minutes and costs between S$20 and S$40. All fares are metered.

There is an additional Airport Surcharge for all trips originating from the Airport:

  • Fri–Sun (5:00PM–12:00AM): S$5 Airport Surcharge
  • All other times: S$3 Airport Surcharge
  • Midnight surcharge (12:00 AM–6:00 AM): 50% of final metered fare
  • Peak-hour surcharge (6:00 AM–9:30 AM, Mon–Fri and 6:00 PM–12:00 AM, Mon–Sun): 25% of final metered fare

When we got to the 5 star 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) Pan Pacific Hotel in downtown Singapore, it was about 1:00 am. LuLu’s Lounge, the independently managed nightclub, was rocking out big time. And we thought we would arrive too late! We went to Reception and were cheerfully checked in. Our room #2115 was fabulous! It had remote controlled double drapes (sheer and blackout). The huge bathroom had a picture window in the shower facing the living room, with a remote controlled shade, which I call “The Electric Slide”.

The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore has a huge internal atrium with balconies running completely around the perimeter of each floor. A bank of fast moving elevators quickly takes guests between the lobby and their rooms. It has a number of fine restaurants. The hotel is connected by a sky bridge to the Suntec City Mall, at 888,000 square feet, the 2nd largest shopping center in Singapore.

The nighttime view from the balcony of our room on the 21st floor of the Pan Pacific Hotel.

Tomorrow We Discover Singapore

We had booked tickets online for the Hop on Hop Off Bus for Saturday March 9th. The HOHO Bus home base is on the north side of Suntec City, next door to our hotel.

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