2nd VGS Genealogy Cruise

Four Lectures Make For a Full Day

On our first sea day, with no port to visit, we had time for four genealogy lectures. In the morning, Blaine Bettinger gave the opening presentation, followed by George G. Morgan. Then we broke for lunch. Drew Smith led off the afternoon’s lectures, with C. Ann Staley giving the final presentation of the day.

Blaine Bettinger discussing the importance of a DNA education

Blaine Bettinger speaking on why genealogists need to go through a “Genetic Genealogy Education” to make them better, more effective genealogists.

Blaine Bettinger making a point to his VGS Genealogy Cruise audience.

Blaine explains three key actions to take to benefit from a DNA Education Plan.

Drew Smith presenting “Understanding Copyright and Plagiarism”.

On the mid-day lunch break, these two sea birds flew past the balcony of our cabin.

George G. Morgan presenting “Laying Out Clues in Funeral Home Records”, beginning with a discussion of Funeral History in the United States.

George Morgan speaks emphatically about deriving family history information from funeral home records.

C. Ann Staley makes the fourth and final presentation of the day, “City Directories – A Line-by-line Account of Our Ancestors”.

C. Ann Staley and attendees focus on the screen as she covers a point about city directories.

The next day we would visit the port of Falmouth, Jamaica, located in the northwest area of the island, between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

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