2nd VGS Genealogy Cruise

Georgetown, Grand Cayman, is one of those places. where passengers ride on a boat called a tender to get back and forth between the ship and the port. We came here on our very first cruise in 1986, so we knew the drill, but now the scale is much larger. The Epic holds 4,000 passengers and has 1,724 crew members. Not all of the crew get time off to go to shore in any given port, because the ship must keep operating while many of its occupants are ashore. But lets assume that 950 do get a few hours leave. That’s 4,950 people leaving and returning (sometimes more than once). A tender holds, say 150 passengers. That’s at a minimum 33 trips out, and 33 trips back. Logistics matters on a cruise ship.

View of the Norwegian Epic from a tender taking passengers ashore at Georgetown, Grand Cayman on February 6, 2019.

It was a short walk from the waterfront to the downtown area. There were shops and restaurants for blocks, but to get there we had to navigate the busiest intersection on the island. Fortunately, we had the help of a local. See the video below.

An Energetic Traffic Cop in Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Peg-leg Pete seems to have suffered a bit of soft tissue loss from his liquid diet. Statue on display in a souvenir shop in Georgetown. Hmm…would that fit in our living room?

“Hey, One Eye! Did anyone ever tell you that you have a monkey on your back?”

This fellow sort of reminds me of a young Jim Hawkins.

Now here’s a pirate who is quite jolly! He is not emaciated like his colleagues. His motto is: “Toucan live as cheaply as one”.

Every time we have visited Grand Cayman, we have encountered chickens patrolling the downtown area. This trip was no exception!

This is a war memorial originally erected to honor the dead from World War I, known as “The War to End All Wars”. The plaques at its base had to be modified after World War II reared its ugly head (see below). The bottom plaque honors the Cayman Islands Home Guard. I wondered how much action they saw in the wars. Read this article in The Cayman Compass.

Note how the plaque incorporating WW II into the purpose of the memorial is lag screwed into the base which read “1914-1918”. Grand Cayman is British Territory, and Britain entered WW I years before the US.

Jet Skis pass the Norwegian Epic, Georgetown, Grand Cayman

With our visit to Georgetown over, we returned to the Norwegian Epic where Jim joined the other attendees in the Manhattan Room for our afternoon lecture.

C Ann Staley, CG®, CGL℠

Afternoon Presentation

“Down to Earth with Land Records” presented by
C. Ann Staley, CG, CGL

Manhattan Dining Room, 2:00 – 3:00 pm.

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