Waiting For ANA

An Afternoon at the Airport, and Then… Our first task at Narita Airport was to go to the ANA ticket counter and check our bags. The young man behind the counter asked us why we weren’t sitting together. You see, this flight was on a 787-9 and the middle section had 3 seats, so we […]

The Journey Continues

Traveling From Los Angeles to Tokyo The central area of The Tom Bradley International Terminal is The Antonio R. Villaraigosa Pavillion (both men are former LA Mayors).What appears to be a tall building with people hanging out of the windows, is actually a video being projected on a screen, soon to be replaced by ads. […]

Our 1st Trip Around the World

Indian Ocean and Europe Cruise The Cruise Options London to Singapore London to Rome Rome to Dubai through Suez Canal Dubai to Singapore Rome to Singapore or the Reverse or 1, 2 or 3 segments in either direction The Deal The Ports of Call Shore Excursions in 19 Ports Obtaining Visas In Our Next Post […]