Jim and Karen Discover Cruising

We met on the job in Northern California in 1981, and married in 1982. We raised a couple of kids, who are now fine adults. Now we have a happy and precocious grandson. From early on we have enjoyed travelling. Whether it was a trip to Disneyland, or an excursion from California to British Columbia and back, we loved hitting the road. At least once a month we would spend a couple of days in Reno or Stateline at Lake Tahoe, where we had spent our honeymoon.

Jim and Karen in Miami Embarking on Their 1st Cruise Dec 13, 1986

Then in December 1986, our daughter was old enough to stay with her grandmother for a week while we went on our first cruise. The ship was Carnival Cruise Lines’ Holiday. Our itinerary was Miami to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, Mexico, and back to Miami. It was great!

The Holiday has since been scrapped on the beach in India, but we’re still cruising and visiting new and exotic places.

Our goal for this website is to share our travel experiences with you in the hope that it may inspire you to explore the world, meet its people, see its sights and sample its cuisines, as we love to do. And, oh yes, we do have almost 100,000 pictures!

Bon Voyage!
Jim and Karen Lannin